Sunrise Centre is a community led organization working to alleviate the root causes of poverty in the Mukono District, Uganda  through a combination of education, healthcare, and income-generating initiatives. We work cooperatively with community-elected leaders and a Parents AdvisoryCommittee (PAC) to provide programs that meet the needs of the local population.  Our mission is supported by the following goals:

- Provide equal access to child-centred preschool and primary education.
- Provide vocational training that imparts valuable life skills to upper primary students.
- Offer accessible, affordable, compassionate healthcare for the community.
- Support income-generating activities that promote local sustainability


Buiga Sunrise School is the educational component of Sunrise Centre. The school is comprised of two preschool classes, one kindergarten class, primary section (grades one - seven), vocational training classes for primary school students (knitting, sewing/textiles, solar food drying, environmental charcoal production, chalk production, coffee production, beading), community library, computer training & adult literacy classes.


Sunrise believes deeply in our motto “Education is Light," therefore we go beyond classroom instruction and also host Ugandan practicum students and promote teacher education workshops to train not only Sunrise teachers, but also teachers from schools in neighbouring villages. We have also partnered with the Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama to offer an annual service learning opportunity to students in their Education program. This exchange benefits both Sunrise teachers and Birmingham students in a cooperative learning exchange. Additionally our vocational training program incorporates learning through mathematics, science and literacy in a practical, real life experience.

Children learn basic entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on way, including developing a business plan, creating a budget, writing a loan request, tracking expenses, marketing their products and reinvesting profits. It’s a unique experience that allows children to gain skills as well as build confidence and leadership capabilities.

Our Network Partners

Grace Family Health Centre is the medical component of Sunrise Centre that serves 10 surrounding villages with a population of over 12,000 people.  The clinic provides free prenatal, maternal and postnatal care, free family planning services and immunizations, basic laboratory services, quality assured medications from a low cost dispensary, free medical consultations, and free HIV counselling. 

Grace Family Health Centre is the only free clinic within a thirty mile radius of our service area. At our medical centre we recognize the dignity and worth of every person and we are dedicated to providing equal access to compassionate and affordable healthcare.  We provide services  an average of +700 people per month and deliver +30  babies per month. There is no fee for consultations, prenatal services, HIV testing, immunizations and family planning. In order to achieve some level of sustainability we charge a small amount for prescriptions, but because we sell our medications at cost, prices are much lower than other pharmacies, and we stock a much broader range of quality assured medications.

Sunrise Centre is grateful for all the amazing people who joined together to help us succeed in 2018. Donors are the heart of our organization – the generosity and kindness of many helping hands is providing much needed services to the children and families we serve. What started as a small preschool in 2005 has grown into an elementary school, vocational program, community library, maternity center and family clinic serving 10 rural villages. Sunrise has grown from 50 students to 300 students and nearly 9000 patients served annually. That’s progress and it’s thanks to our community led model and a global network of dedicated supporters. I’m proud to say we’re not just aiming to improve lives through a combination of healthcare, education and income generating projects - we’re actually doing it. ~ Nicole Van Seters (Sunrise Founder & Director) 

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Co-Founder and Director: Nicole Van Seters