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Midwife Monday: Honoring Harriet Christine Amuge, Uganda!

Ugandan Midwife Harriet Christine (Grace Family Clinic)

Meet a true "Global Force for Healing"!

In her own words, "I am Harriet Christine Amuge, an enrolled comprehensive midwife at Grace Family Clinic Uganda (a baby of Sunrise Centre) and a mother of two.

My inspiration for midwifery was drawn from my grandmother, who was a traditional birth attendant. I grew up to admire her and the little acts of kindness to bring life in the world. The little-yet-tough task of actively participating in bringing life to the world brings me great joy. Midwifery has enabled me to live a purposeful life in its fullness each and every passing day. This I treat no more as a job but rather the driving force, helping me realize my importance and exploit my capabilities to their full potential as a midwife.

A Great Love for Newborns and Their Mamas!

Being a mother, I have also learnt to empathize with women in labour, encouraging them to be strong given the pain is short-lived. Mothers as a result have been able to work through it.

I feel inspired to always continue delivery to the best of my abilities, attending to mothers right from antenatal through to postnatal period. I take time to pray in as much as possible for God to grant me the energy and ability plus a positive attitude towards saving lives of mothers and their newborns amidst the different challenges during the delivery process." (December 2020)

New Incubator Requested by Midwife Harriet (left)


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