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Midwives for Haiti  works in collaboration with Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population and other organizations to deliver culturally appropriate, high-impact health interventions. Their approach reduces the three major delays that prevent women from accessing life-saving maternal care: delay in the decision to seek care, delay in reaching care, and delay in receiving adequate care.


Midwives for Haiti  trains skilled birth attendants from rural areas and dispatches  them to women who need them.

Their programs educate and empower Haitian women and men to improve the health of their communities, creating lasting change in their lives and the lives of the mothers and children they care for. 

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Other services include: 

*Maternity services at Hospital St. Therese in Hinche, Central Plateau region;

*Postnatal care program;

*Rural community clinics;

*Matwon (Haitian traditional birth attendant) outreach program;

*Carrie Wortham Birth Center in Cabestor, Haiti. 

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Executive Director: Jane Drichta