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Hispañola Health Partners (Haiti), a non-profit organization with a mission to help strengthen health care networks along the Haitian/Dominican border.

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Current projects include:

*Centre de Sante Union de Grand-Gosier, a primary care clinic in a previously inaccessible mountain community in southeastern Haiti. HHP works in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP) and treats more than 9,000 people annually. They offer subsistence farming families affordable, comprehensive services including birth and women’s health.

*Mobile Clinics in remote villages, including screening and treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure), a common and persistent condition in Haiti.

*Female cancer detection program for women’s health and cancer prevention (below) using a technique approved by the World Health Organization for low-resource areas. Haiti has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer globally. The Hispañola Health Partner team also trains local doctors, nurses, and health care promoters to detect and treat cervical cancer. In 2018 they added a broader female cancer-screening program including HPV self-testing and breast self-exams.

Our Network Partners
Pak Cadeau cervical screen3.png
Cervical Cancer Screening at Pak Kado

*Ann Bay Lavi Jaret (ABLJ) is HHP’s traditional birth attendant training program, started in June, 2020 with the knowledge that many women in the community prefer to give birth at home with traditional birth attendants or matwòn. ABLJ is a program that trains 18 matwòn and community health workers in three remote regions in our zone over 24 months. Groups of 6 matwòn attend a 5-month course that meets once a week and covers the basic principles of hygiene, safe birth practices, recognition of high-risk pregnancy and much more. Community health workers of each of the 3 regions attend trainings on promoting family planning among their constituents. HHP’s midwife makes home visits with the matwòn and tracks their outcomes. The first 10 months of this program have resulted in improved outcomes for mothers and newborns in the zone.

HHP’s midwife training traditional birth attendants.

*Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Americas. Hispañola Health Partners is establishing a birth center (Mezon Nesans Fanmi) with their partner clinic, Centre de Santé Union de Grand-Gosier, located in the Commune of Grand-Gosier in southeast Haiti. Mezon Nesans Fanmi will be connected to their health center where women will have safe, compassionate, and professional perinatal care with licensed, professional Haitian midwives, doctors, and nurses. It is presently under construction and slated to be completed by fall of 2021.

Birth center under construction. On right, Board President Peter Halle

The HHP philosophy is to build from the bottom up and ensure the clinic belongs to the local community. “HHP’s priority is to run programs for the people and by the people”, as they nurture local capacity building and guide projects toward self-sufficiency. This investment includes paying salaries of the 13 Haitian clinic workers who are the heart and soul of the organization.


For more information:

Founder/Executive Director: Louise Lindenmeyr

Board President: Peter Halle

Medical Director: Dr. Daniel Antione