Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development (CASD) is a civil society organization that works with policymakers and grassroots communities to  address the health and socio-economic issues affecting the lives of adolescent girls, vulnerable women, and children using strategies that are inclusive, sustainable and accountable. Since 2011, CASD has largely focused its activities on maternal, newborn & child health, and adolescent sexual and reproductive health, mindful of the high risk of mortality and morbidity among these populations.CASD currently implements three grassroots projects: the Paternity Clinic Project, the Capacity Building for Community Health Workers Project, and the Girls’ Choice Ice-cream Project. The Paternity Clinic Project funded by the Global Force for Healing (GFH) aims at improving maternal and newborn survival in Cameroon by engaging expectant fathers in the continuum of care for healthy birthing in Bamenda, Cameroon.

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Founder and Director– Numfor Alenwi